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By clicking on a specialty below you will see those surgeons that are credentialed to perform surgery at our facility.

Phillip Chen, DDS
Nadeem Esmail, DMD
Fred Wicknick, DMD

Avram Hecht, MD
Joost Knops, MD
Jason Lichtenberger, MD
David Olson, MD
Thomas Stackhouse, MD
Andrew Verneuil, MD

Barbara Bachman, MD
Paul Fredette, MD
Michael Higgens, MD
Cary Kaufman, MD
Camille Miller, MD
Michael Pietro, MD
Keith Vander Griend, MD
Karen Woo, MD

Nena Barnhart, MD
Lisa Kaepernick, MD
Maureen Kelty, MD
Dina Levin, MD
Michael Mallory, MD
Shayne Mora, MD
Carla Russo, MD
Tammy Starr, DO
Chee Tan, MD

Fred Wicknick, DMD
Nadeem Esmail, DMD

David Baker, MD
Barry Landau, MD

Kristi Bailey, MD
Ingrid Carlson, MD
Denise Dudley, MD
Stephanie Cramar, MD
Jean Kassem, MD
Christopher Kulas, MD
Aaron Kuzin, MD
Vincent Matteucci, MD

Gary Bergman, MD
Steven Bruce, MD
Michael Gannon, MD
Joel Hoekema, MD
James Holstine, DO
Carter Kiesau, MD
Leonard Kolodychuk, MD
Mathew Oswin, DO
Warren Taranow, DO
Michael Thorpe, MD
Chris Van Hofwegen, MD
Ronald Woo, MD

Nathan Larson, DPM

James Blackburn, MD
Timothy Whitney, MD

Kelly Casperson, MD
Casey O’Keefe, MD
Vernon Orton MD
John Pettit, MD
Daniel Reznicek, MD
Daniel Roeter, MD

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